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anyways since apparently it needs saying

land back isn't nationalism, or an ethnostate, land back is self-determination for colonized peoples, landback is necessary for a sustainable and ethical society.

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some old glitch art i made in 2015 found while looking over old files

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Bringing kids into this world is super unethical until we make sure they have a future on this planet

Til then im a doomer anti-coomer

It's buried in the old posts I can't load but someone posted why we got into egoism/Stirner

I was first exposed through the memes and I thought it was super cringe because the people who posted Stirner memes were really insufferable and reactionary back then (and.... okay maybe that hasn't changed) but then I read The Right to Be Greedy and found it a decent bridge to jump straight into The Unique and Its Property.

Helped me process my transness and also got me through sexual assault trauma, I don't know the extent to which I still find egoism useful anymore except in an insurrectionist way but it's still important to me for what it helped me get through and accept.

I'm much more interested in the parallels between the Unique and eastern religion though like the anatta, for the purpose of providing better language to articulate Buddhist/Hindu concepts but most egoists aren't that interested in that haha

I forgot to update Spectres bc I was distracted by a baby tortoise last night but its okay because the tortoise was really cute

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by the way, a friend and i made a second tv head earlier this year. it turned out nicer than the first one! you can read more about it on my website i linked two posts ago

Brought Spectres to a backup so it could be stable for a bit. I'll update it later so the issue stops

Actually I think glitch-soc might have fixed this one upstream already so I'll update glitch-soc later 💚 seems like this will fix some other issues too!


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I'm back, and I did notice that the "Local Timeline" is having some bugs. Unfortunately it seems to be a Mastodon bug. I'll report it later, but posts made since I restarted appear to be showing up fine.

It's kind of annoying that Mastodon requires so much constant maintenance to keep working normally so I'm considering moving Spectres to Pleroma or something.

remind me to make more light themes for this

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you're laughing. my mother died from havana syndrome and you're laughing

Biden's deporting more people than Trump did already, good thing we had to drop everything to vote for the lesser of two evils or whatever right?

Genuinely confused why communists simp for China when China won't even allow gay representation in media or give Tibet autonomy. What about their system says that they are the power that's going to destroy class when they continue to perpetuate class warfare and systems of oppression

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