Side note, I've defederated from,, and

Their behavior yesterday in contributing to and supporting doxxing of a trans woman's social media, photos, and deadname over internet arguments was just unacceptable.

Monads folks were even telling the Kolektiva mods to support the doxxing further and I just don't know how fedi culture has gotten this bad.

I've also re-enabled secure fetch so our posts can't make it to these instances. This way we can feel comfy and secure on our own instance.

Let me know if you have any questions at all

The part is because they originally signal boosted this abuser and allowed this to happen in the first place and still host Future and their partner electric

@glitchwitch Do you have a link to this so I can look into it further for my own instance, thanks.

@freemo I'll see if anyone took an archive. The Kolektiva mods only deleted the posts with the doxx but most of the moats are still up.

You can find the abuser at Dial_F_for_Future@kolektiva and Thokatakiya@elekk and their partner electric@kolektiva/elekk

You can see the Kolektiva mod tansyfeuilles offering support for them, and if you go back to Thursday September 2nd you can find Dankwraith, geesehoward and a few others on Monads supporting the abuser

@glitchwitch Thanks for the info.. and just for my own understanding (not trying to debunk your claims or anything).. do you know if all the users were reported to their respective servers or not?

@freemo The Monads users are the admins, sadly. I did bring it up to Kolektiva mods and they went silent after the doxxing became apparent

@glitchwitch Ahh, well thank you for the information, I really do appreciate it.

Our policy is we only block/silence servers based on incidents that have been reported to moderators and specifically based on how the moderators handle it.

So if a user violates a rule, like ban evasion to cause harassment, a moderator must be contacted, and refuse to act (or act inappropriately) before we can consider it.

Sadly its hard to trace down when/if something is reported since it happens in secret. Makes my job a lot harder as you might imagine.

Note I have generally had good experiences with the Elekk server specifically, so based on a good track record I am trying to make sure to do due dilligance.

Anyway, thanks for all the info and help. Have a great day.

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