Several Sacramento legislators indicate they plan to vote no on SB 4/AB 14, bills to solidify CA's new universal fiber program, due to cable industry opposition. Urge your legislators to vote yes and stand up for Californians who need reliable internet.

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I'd like to apologize to you, Eris, and to the other users on this instance who have been angry and dismayed by our response, or felt that Kolektiva did not care about their safety as it relates to our users. Speaking personally, I can say that I definitely misunderstood the situation, and this shaped the way that I responded.

We conclude that piracy and similar competitive shocks push firms to innovate to stay ahead of imitator products, and that this effect is moderated by their existing patent portfolios.

This is from the US patent office pog

cryptography, hash functions 

apparently gravatar (universal profile pic service) uses md5(email address) to locate your URL. unsalted too! generating a colission, ie registering a gravatar account that lets you overwrite someone else's avatar would be cool. sadly i don't know of a second preimage on MD5 other than brute force 🤔 so picking someone specific as a target would be hard.

also iirc there was like uhhhh some kinda known-prefix attack? but specifically in the case of email, known-suffix would be a lot better.

i think the more useful attack here is a brute force to reverse someone's email address from their profile pic URL tbh

practice self care by doing a breathing exercise at lunch. take a walk away from your desk for 15 minutes to recenter. be unavailable for calls and texts between the hours of 1am and noon. quit your job and never return. leave a series and cryptic messages and clues in your bedroom. move into the nocturnal animal enclosure at the zoo. they will never find you.

My phone plan expires on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 👀😬

sorry friend this seems like the exact fuckin' opposite of "stress relief" music

i'm queer as fuck. if that makes you uncomfortable then i'm just going to be queerer and fuckier to spite you.

Markov chain output (gay-mode) 

you wouldn't download a femboy" because he looks good", that's nifty

actually the likes on your post didn't reach my instance, so yes, i did ratio you. ratio

@devinprater i think the game you're referring to isn't called “The Veil” but “The Vale: Shadow of the Crown”?

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